Best restaurants in the world

Everyone has a different taste in food, design, service and other components of a restaurant, so it is hard to tell, which restaurants are the best ones. However, chefs, restaurateurs, gourmands and restaurant critics can help us to decide. Here is a list of the best restaurants in the world, created by the top professionals in this field. This article is prepared by

In the fifth place there is restaurant called Dinner located in London, England. The chef of this restaurant is Ashley Palmer-Watts, however the creator and the owner of the concept is Heston Blumenthal. His passion was English culinary history, so he wanted to shear it with others. In this restaurant traditional English dishes are served. They are cooked by original recipes, so this place is quite unique. Although, it is not among the best restaurants evaluated by the taste of food, it definitely can offer amazing atmosphere and history lesson.

In the fourth place, critics put Eleven Madison Park restaurant which is located in New York, USA. This restaurant is like an odd combination that works really well together. The chef of this restaurant is Daniel Humm. He is Swiss by nationality, so there is some Swiss cuisine influence however the whole concept is more closer to typical French restaurant. Despite that there are already two different cuisines combined, the chef uses farm-to-table method, which allows to use only local products. Sounds like a total mess, but it really works out well. It’s an original, modern restaurant that provides amazing, delicious food and great atmosphere.

In the third place there is Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy (avvitatore 18v). Many critics has even evaluated this restaurant as the best one. The chef is Massimo Bottura. He is a master in kitchen. The restaurant is very different from other typical Italian restaurants. First of all, because of the unique interior and second of all, because of the nontraditional meals. There are some traditional ingredients used in them, but the outcome is something marvelous. It is like an artwork on the plate.

Second place goes to Celler de Can Roca located in Girona, Spain. The restaurant is run by three brothers who has divided responsibilities. The chef is Joan, the sommelier is Josep, and pastry chef is Jordi. So it is a family business, but actually it is not even close to typical family restaurant. They offer very original and nontraditional food combinations that really work well together. It is like experimental cuisine, but both, professional food critics and costumers loves it. Also this restaurant has the most beautiful dining room in the whole Europe.

And in the first place there is Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark. The restaurant is the creator of new Nordic ideology. That means they use only local products to cook the meals. That might seem as a restriction as there are almost no fruits and vegetables available in Denmark at the winter. It might be hard to cook something, but it really is not a problem for them. This restaurant is known for its originality and unusual approaches to create fantastically delicious meals. That is why Noma deserves to be called the best restaurant in the whole world.